First Incredible Hulk Movie Reviews Coming In

Are you the type of person that looks for their Christmas presents before the big day?

Do you jump to the back of a book to see how it all turns out?

If so, you can read an Incredible Hulk Movie review here.

The review does include spoilers, so be forewarned.

I haven’t had the privilege to attend an advance viewing, so I have nothing to add about the movie, but I will make a few comments about the implications for comic book collectors.

Without a doubt, this new movie is an attempt for redemption of a major character to the fans, and a reset of the character to place him in the same universe that Marvel is building. Marvel’s recent movie announcements have revealed their plans for the future – Captain America, Avengers, etc.

So how should we view this movie?

If it’s a blockbuster success, or even does very well (I’m thinking moving in on $100 million, or maybe down to $75 million opening weekend take), we will probably see another Hulk movie. That could breathe more life into your comic book picks.

If the movie flops, I think the chances of another Hulk movie dwindle. How much torture will they put this character through? But, in my opinion, a flop will have no bearing on what I would call the new “Marvel Movie Universe.”

The Marvel Movie Universe

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Do you see the connection? In my opinion Marvel Inc. is making a very intelligent decision by taking their Universe to the big screen and fully exploiting the medium and commercial value of the characters. The New Universe may not walk hand in hand with the print comic books, but that is of no consequence.

Remember, characters are the key, they speak to universal problems, and the medium doesn’t really matter. I know we all enjoy comic books, but stapled together pieces of paper don’t sell, it’s the stuff on the pulp that moves people, engages people, and gets them to spend their hard earned money on the comics. We’ve seen the characters and stories ebb and flow in print comic books, graphic novels, children’s television cartoons, animated features, movies, and we are now in the infancy of online comic books.

The various mediums only enhance the value of the characters and in the case of movies, we’ve seen them raise back issue comic book prices again and again. Want to see some results? Visit my comic book movie page here for an example.

Iron Man, the Hulk and the movie announcements by Marvel have given us a glimpse of the comic book movie future. It’s up to you to research this information and take the appropriate steps with your comic book buying and selling. If you visit the comic book movie page or watched the free online video seminar you know my opinion about the future.

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