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Discover How You Can Take Advantage of the Most Amazing Comic Book Price Explosion in History

Get the Inside Secrets of How Comic Book Movies are Propelling Comics to New Heights - and How You Can Take Advantage Now!



Dear Comic Book Collecting Friends,

We are in the midst of perhaps the greatest increase in very specific comic books in decades.

You've seen one comic book blockbuster movie after another, but did you know that certain books have had increases in price of hundreds of dollars, right along with those movies?

What if you could have a crystal ball to peer into the future and see what specific books are going to make huge gains? Would you be interested?

Well, nobody can predict the future, but this is the closest thing to a comic book crystal ball I've ever seen in over 30 years of collecting.

I previously sold an entire comic book movie course for $67.00. Many collectors asked if I would offer the most desirable pieces of the course for a lower price and make it more accessible - and I listened!

I'm happy to announce a special offer of the entire Comics + Movies = Cash video seminar plus the audio mp3 version at a special low price.

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Comic Book Movies have had an Amazing Effect on Comic Book Prices

Which comic books have seen unusual increases in price?


Discover the exact facts, timeline and specific issue details behind these remarkable returns and how you can take advantage of them!

To have any chance at profiting from this unique Comic Book Movie phenomenon you need to know:

  • What Specific Comic Books have profited from the movies
  • How to pick the books that will profit in the future
  • Where to get insider knowledge of movie news ahead of the pack
  • How to buy or acquire the "picks" for deep discounts
  • Exactly when to sell the picks
  • How to squeeze every last penny of profit from each and every comic book movie sale

The Comic Book Secrets "Comics, Movies and Cash" Video tells you all of this and more. Here's a sneak peak at what you will receive:


The Comic Book Movie "Gold Mine" List - the Exact Comic Books that have Profited from the Movie Boom


The seminar video will take you step-by-step through examples and timelines of exact books that have had explosive returns due to comic book movies. This sales autopsy includes actual sales prices and dates, not some price guide "fluff" or dealer dreams. This is the real thing.

Along with the examples of the victors you will also discover the books that failed the test, why they didn't make it, and what you should avoid in the future!

But knowing what worked in the past will only take you so far, you need the next, all important piece of insider information...


The "Winning Picks Formula": How to Pick Comics Poised to make Price History in the Future


You will be get the "secret formula" for succes - the exact items and information you must know.

Comics that have had serious increases in price have possessed one or more of these key factors. Look for these and it can be like writing your own check. Don't fall for the hype, you will uncover the "sleeper" elements that many people miss completely.

The reality in the comic book movie game is that many people know some of the obvious parts of the formula and act accordingly. Make no mistake, timing is of the essence and the first to the punch usually wins.

The one item the average collector doesn't possess and what you must have is the "secret" tricks and sources to win the timing game! An "anonymous" source to tip you off to the news that everyone else doesn't know or is too lazy to find...


Discover the "Insider Information" Sources - the "Anonymous Tipsters" for Movie News


You'll be handed these online news sources on a silver platter - skipping to the head of the line so you can attack the timeline in advance of those less savvy!

I have never released the exact sites I visit until now. Peer behind the curtain into my "secret" world!

Combine these sources with the winning pick formula and you are well on your way to taking full advantage of the phenomenon, but you still need two more key pieces of information...


How to Acquire the Comic Book Movie Picks for Deep Discounts


Several years ago when I was purchasing a home a good friend of mine said, "Sean, make your money on the way in."

That was golden advice.

Why buy books (or anything for that matter) at current retail? Why not buy at a discount, or at least hedge your bets on future increases?

There are keys to getting the "discount", including timing.

The "Comic, Movies, and Cash" Super Bundle peels back the "retail" layer and shows you how to play the insider's game of discount comic buying. How and where you should go to get these books. You will receive the timeline to follow for maximizing your chance of massive gains.

Ever hear the phrase "Retail is for Suckers?"

Just don't do it! Use the buying secrets to successfully time and legally get your "comics for pennies!"

Use the tips in the buying section and many times you can turn around the same day and profit.

But if you want to maximize your gains you must know the next step, how and when to sell...


How to Squeeze Every Last Penny of Profit from Your Comic Books!

In the stock market it's often said that anyone can buy a stock, the money is made when you sell.

Sell too early and you lose out on profits, wait too long trying to guess the top and you're left holding the bag, in mental anguish about the money you "could have made."

You will discover the secrets to literally wring profits out of your comic books like squeezing a wet sponge 'til it's dry!

  • Where you should sell your books
  • Selling on E-bay? The "secret mutant profit tricks" that almost no comic book sellers know or use (except me and my club!)
  • Advanced Secrets and Strategies
  • The "dirty little secret" about comic book grades and how to profit
  • To CGC or not to CGC? That is the question - and you'll get the definitive answer!
  • The Secret Sales Multiplier - how to turn every book into several areas of profit
  • How to Play the Timing Game - when you should sell your books
  • How to insure yourself against loses
  • Plus many more exact strategies!


Why are you Letting these Secrets Out?

I am only one person, and there are thousands of picks and comic books out there to profit from. I can't get them all, I wish I could. Inside the Strategy chapter you will discover the method to my madness (and how you can use it too!)


Once these Secrets are Out, Won't they Stop Working?

Here's the reality. Many of you will buy, but very few will implement. It's the sad truth and I wish it were different.

Knowledge without action is useless, so please take advantage of it and act! To those who don't, you're missing out and leaving the opportunity to the movers and shakers of life.

The second reality is many people will read this page and not buy.

They will say "hey, I can do that", and you know what, maybe they can. But while they experiment, waste time and money trying to figure out what works, those who act and take advantage will be eating them for lunch, saving time and money with strategies that have worked.

Let's face it, the naysayers are cheap and don't understand that time is money. The small price for this package will keep them away (and losing) while you make a fair exchange and save hundreds of hours of tinkering away time and money!

Those of you who are people of "action" and not "talkers" know who you are and will purchase the bundle today.


Okay, so how will you get this information? Why is it the "Super Bundle"?

You will receive instant access to:

The "Comics, Movies and Cash" Video Seminar - I gave unprecedented access to all of the secrets mentioned above for 24 hours only to Comic Book Secrets Members. You will receive the entire unedited video.

comic book movie video seminar cd

"I saw your seminar
and I loved it!"

- D. Lathrop, AZ




The Complete Audio MP3 Version of the Seminar

Listen to the seminar on your iPod, MP3 player, or burn a CD and listen in your car. Get the full story anywhere, anyway you want!



special offer below

checkmarkYes! Sean, give me Instant Access to the "Comics + Movies = Cash" Special. I understand I will instant access to:

  • The Full Video Seminar, Unedited
  • The Audio MP3 Version of the Comic Book Movie Seminar


Get Access to the Video Seminar + the MP3 audio now

Only $9.95!

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Your order will be taken with secure, online servers, so order with confidence. You may use any major, credit card, Paypal and other method! 100% Customer Service Guaranteed.




Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Take 30 days to look over the materials. If you are not fully satisfied we'll give you a full, no questions asked refund!

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