Fired by Amazon

A few days ago I was fired by Amazon. I didn’t do anything wrong, well maybe I did. You see, I live in California and as of July 1st the State passed a law that would have made Amazon pay sales tax due to the fact that myself and thousands of others created a “nexus” – or in other words, we were just as good as if Amazon decided to purchase some property and set up a store. Amazon decided that to avoid this tax they would terminate all affiliates immediately – myself included.

My hosting, bandwidth, etc. is sponsored by both my good will and some cash flow from products of my own creation or a few affiliates (all spelled out in the terms).

So what does this mean to you the reader? Well, not much. But if you decide to support this site by purchasing a print price guide or some other book through one of my links, it will no longer send you to Amazon but to Barnes and Noble. The digital download Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide works the same as ever.

The entire situation reminds my of the famous line from Blazing Saddles “Mongo just pawn in game of life.”

Thank you for your support!

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