Feel Good this Weekend and Help a Worthy Cause

Do you want to feel good this weekend by helping a worthy cause? My wife lost her mother at a young age and cancer has devastated the women in her family, to include her Aunt and Grandmothers. This weekend she is walking in the Relay for Life and the quest to cure cancer. If you would like to help, please visit her personal link here.

I made my donation in memory of her mother, Judy Nowinski. Any amount will help!

Thanks in advance for your support,


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One Response to “Feel Good this Weekend and Help a Worthy Cause”

  1. Sean:

    I think what your wife is doing is very commendable. I hope she reaches her goal. My sister, who had breast cancer, does the same thing with a walk in Florida every year to raise funds for breast cancer research. So I support her. Ultimately, I guess we are still supporting the same thing, just through different sponsors. Good luck to your wife.


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