Comic Book Secrets Update 5/21/2012

It’s been a couple of interesting weeks for the collectible comic book world. The Avengers movie has been a hit and I managed to make a showing with my boys on Monday after the opening weekend. I think they did a great job with the movie and it was a blast to watch. I also enjoyed the Spider-man and Dark Knight Rises trailers and can’t wait to see those. Things are shaping up for an impressive comic book movie summer.

On the comic book value front the biggest event I’ve seen is the impressive performance of Iron Man 55. I actually put a bid on a CGC 9.6 copy on E-bay before the Avengers opening at a higher price than the previous most expensive copy according to GPAnalysis and I wasn’t even close!

Take a look at some sales over the past couple of weeks:

CGC 9.6 $1625
CGC 9.6 $1782
CGC 9.6 $2000 (BIN best offer)
CGC 9.4 $2555 (double cover)
CGC 9.0 $633
CGC 9.0 $755
CGC 9.2 $875
CGC 9.2 $860

The comic is skyrocketing. This is one of the most impressive price increases I’ve seen in over 12 years of comic book movie versus underlying comic book tracking. Because of this I have to say beware! Personally I would not be buying this book now unless I can find a raw, underpriced copy to flip. In my opinion this fast rise in price often leads to a crash in the future. Again, only my opinion. The comic this reminds me of is Amazing Spider-man #252.

Amazing Spider-man #252 rose on the Black Spider-man suit and Venom news. The high sales price in 2005 was $281 and it rose all the way to $720 in 2007. Within in one year it has fallen back to a high of $475. That’s quite a large % drop!

I’ll continue to watch this comic over the next year and give some periodic updates. I’ll also be checking in on some comics associated with the Dark Knight Rises and the Spider-man reboot. I’ll save those for the next update.

In the meantime, happy collecting!

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