Selling Comic Books on E-bay – The New Realities

Business Week ran this story about selling on E-bay. There is no doubt things are changing on the world’s largest auction site.

As one of our readers noted earlier in the year, the number of fixed price items is going up. The Business Week story verifies this is a direction that E-bay wants to continue. In addition to more fixed price sales, there are many other changes underway at E-bay. If you are a member of Comic Book Secrets, watch your e-mail this week for the latest newsletter. We’ll discuss the upcoming changes on E-bay, what you need to do now, and what to look for in the future.

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  1. ManoDogs says:

    I read recently where eBay has switched-over to PayPal only in Australia in a trial-run. Some are saying they may make it that way worldwide if things go well enough.

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