How to Sell Your Comics on E-bay for the Best Price

If you are selling your comic books on E-bay and want to receive the best possible price, here are a few tips.

If you like these there are more tips available in the Comic Book Crash Course and a lot more information about selling on E-bay and other places in the How to Sell Your Comic Books for the Best Price Guide.

Do Your Research
Make sure you know the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide value for your book and if the comic is a “key” or important book. For most books you won’t get anywhere near the the “guide” price, but you want to make sure you are not selling that first appearance of Wolverine for $1.

Make sure you research completed auctions on E-bay for your comic book so you have an idea of actual previous sales.

Price to Move
If you have non-key issues don’t be too attached. Many of these books go for very low prices. If your book doesn’t sell for your first asking price, consider lowering the price for the next round, just make sure you at least break even. If that doesn’t work you may want to try some of the tips found at the how to sell your comic books post.

Save on Supplies
Reuse boxed and take advantage of the free boxes and envelopes from the USPS if you are shipping Priority Mail. Supplies can quickly eat into your profit margin if you aren’t careful.

Don’t End Your Auctions at Odd Times
One of the tips for buying items on E-bay for cheap is to look for auctions ending in the middle of the night. Not too many bidders! Don’t help the bargain hunters out, make sure your auction ends when East to West Coast bidders are home from work and awake. That’s why Sunday closes are so popular.

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