How to Sell Your Comic Books

Do you want to turn your comic books into cash?

Right behind “how much are my comic books worth?” the second most popular question I get is “how do I sell my comic books for the best price and not get ripped off?”

Today you’ll discover a few basic steps to take and some tools to get the best price.

Before you start trying to get offers or investigate where to sell your comics, make sure you do the following steps:

Make a List
Make a complete list of your comic books that included title, issue number and the basic condition or “grade” of the comic books. Having this list will make everything much easier. If you need details about how to grade a comic book check out the comic book grading post. Once you have your list, it should look like this:

Superman 234 Fine
X-men 1 VG
X-men 121 VF

If you have a lot of comic books and have access to a computer, make a list in your spreadsheet program or with a basic word processor. It’ll come in handy later, but it’s not a necessity.

Find the Values of Your Comic Books
In order to not get ripped off you must have some idea of what your comics are selling for at retail on the market. I made the Instant Comic Book Values and Price Guide page just for this purpose. Use this free resource to arrive at a value for each book and for the entire collection. Be prepared that you may not get this full value, but have a good idea what the comics are selling for at retail so you don’t get taken advantage of.

Decide Where to Sell Your Comic Books
This is where things get a little tricky. You can sell your comic books yourself on E-bay, Craigslist, a convention or website. You can sell directly to a dealer all at once. You can consign your books or sell them through a 3rd party auction site such as Heritage. Your choice basically comes down to how much work you want to do. Typically, if you are willing to put in some effort you’ll get a better price – if you are careful.

If you do want to sell your comic books there are two resources I recommend in no particular order. Both are available as instant downloads so you can get started right away.

#1 How to Get Quick Cash for Your Comic Books

I published this product to help sellers get paid quickly without getting ripped off. It goes through all the basics of selling, the “gotchas” and just about every place you can sell your comics. It tells you how you can get paid in under 24 hours, but also walks you through a more detailed process of selling on E-bay if you decide to go that route. You can read all about it here.

#2 Comic Selling Secrets

UPDATE – This product is being updated and is not available at the current time.  Hopefully it will be back on the market soon.  I have this product and can say it is very thorough. It specializes on selling “worthless”, hard to sell comic books, but the author gives several bonuses to cover almost every other contingency, including conventions. It is a much larger product than my book, so it costs a little more. I have personally used several of the covered strategies with success and I can highly recommend you get it, especially if you have a significant amount of hard to sell comics. I am an affiliate as well as a purchaser (I owned the product for years before being an affiliate), so you are helping out my site if you purchase either one. Make sure you check it out here to see what product is a better fit for your selling situation.

If any readers have suggestions or additional resources, please feel free to comment.

Whatever route you choose, I wish you the best of luck in selling your comic books and I hope you are able to turn those funny books into cold hard cash!

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