Comic Sales I Wish I Didn’t Make

I was going through some comic books the other day, prepping them and reviewing before I put them on E-bay. Thanks to a new traffic and sales generation technique I’ve been using on E-bay, I started thinking about some comics I’ve sold in the last few years that I wish I didn’t. You can call it sellers remorse. Some of the prices have increased significantly and a couple I was more disappointed at not being able to take a look at them and have them in my collection. Here are a few:

All Winners #1 – I bought this book as part of a small Golden Age collection and unfortunately it had amateur restoration. I sent it to Matt Nelson for some professional fixing. The book that came back was awesome (a tribute to Matt’s fantastic work!). I don’t mess around with restored books too much because of resale, but for my own collection sometimes I don’t care. This is one of those instances. I wish I had this book back, restored or not.

Amazing Fantasy #15 – Same collection, same poor restoration. I sold it around the first movie. Having this back would be pure greed, it sells for more and would help my E-bay strategy. Oh well.

Human Torch #2 (#1) – This book was a VG copy, unrestored, and yes, I just would like it in my collection still. These Timely keys get sucked into personal collections and aren’t seen for years. There is nothing like some real comic book “geeking out” than fanning out a several copies of these old Timely comics – Human Torch, Submariner, Captain America. Sheer bliss for the Golden Age collector!

Amazing Spider-man #1 – See Amazing Fantasy #15 – same collection, no restoration!

Oh well, back to the collection and sorting out the keepers!

Happy Collecting!

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