Tons of Free Comic Books – The Perpetual Collection

What would you think if I told you there was a way to never spend another penny of your own income on comic books, yet still be able to be an avid collector?  Would you be interested?

One of the biggest problems comic book collectors (or any collectors) have is coming up with the money for their “fix”.  I’m going to cover some methods to overcome this problem over a few posts.

First, you need to decide what kind of collector you are.  I covered some of this way back in this post.  Are you strictly a collector with no thought at all to the value of the comic books you acquire?  Or are you like most comic book fans – a collector/investor?  If you are strictly a collector, a lot of this information is not for you, but definitely read the first part.  If you are a collector/investor than you need to read this entire post.

The Perpetual Collection

The idea behind the perpetual collection is simple.  Through smart buying or accumulation combined with smart selling or turnover, you can raise enough cash to cover your collecting habits.  The plan can be thought of as an ever flowing circle based on those to basic ideas.

Buying and Accumulation

The first phase of the perpetual collection is buying or accumulation.  If you are strictly a collector, pay attention to the comic book buying posts.  I don’t just call this buying because I’m going to give you a few other techniques to get comic books without paying a cent.  This phase covers every way you can possibly bring comic books into your collection or hoard.

Selling or Turnover

If you are the typical collector/investor then you will also need this phase of the perpetual collection. This is called turnover because you are not just going to sell books in this phase, you will also discover how to move books for other gains.  There are a lot of ways to maximize your sales and turnover that are well outside the typical methods you see online and offline.

Putting it Together

The two categories, buying comic books and selling comic books fit together to make this strategy.  When you see an article or post under the buying comic books category, you know where it fits.  Use the strategies to buy or acquire books for the lowest possible price and usually with an eye on being able to turn them over for the largest gain.

Under the selling comic books category you will find strategies to maximize your gains when books move out of your collection. I’ll also cover some ingenious ways to make some cash from you collection without selling a single book.

Stay tuned for the buying and selling strategies…

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