Black Friday Comic Book Deals

“Black Friday” is here, but are there any deals for comic book collectors? One great gift idea is the graphic novel. Graphic novels are a relatively inexpensive way to get a deal on a collection of comic books (usually a complete storyline), and many times you can find discounts off cover price for the novel itself. Below are the latest deals from Amazon.

If you want to find actual comic books, E-bay may be the place. Several online sellers are running Black Friday or Holiday specials, myself included. You can see some of the deals I’ve run in my online store below.

Black Friday Comic Book Sales

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  1. Osei says:

    OMG! I simultaneously puelld a muscle and almost wet my pants. Of course, I’m almost 7 months pregnant with baby #3 so this happens a lot, but at least this time it was for a good reason.I am showing this to my daughter who at 5 still hasn’t completely figured out why the cats don’t like her.

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