X-men Origins: Wolverine Weekend Blockbuster

The opening weekend numbers are in for Wolverine and he’s a hit. U.S. domestic ticket sales hit $87 million and 101 international locations brought in $63 million for a grand total of $160 million. Not too shabby!

So how are comic books doing on this news? Check out the Comics-Movies-Cash Report to find out!

Plus, here are the latest E-bay sales related to Wolverine for tracking purposes:

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2 Responses to “X-men Origins: Wolverine Weekend Blockbuster”

  1. And for all you Treksters out there, the new Star Trek movie did $76 million last weekend!!


  2. admin says:

    I’ve talked to some friends who’ve Star Trek and I may actually break my “no movies at the movie theater” policy for this one. The trailers look great!

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