Venom Movie – Progress and Key Issues

Sony pictures is still committed to a Venom standalone movie. The project is in the script stage. If this continues, now could be the time to pick up some Venom issues, mainly Amazing Spider-man 300, Secret Wars 8 and Amazing Spider-man 252 (for the black costume). These have had a pullback since Spider-man 3. Take a look the issues for sale below and start tracking. As a reference, Spider-man 300 peaked at $1700 (2006) in CGC 9.8, Spider-man 252 hit about $720 in CGC 9.8 (2007) and Secret Wars 8 hit $350 (2007) in CGC 9.8.

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Below you will find the current sale issues of these comics for sale or for your price tracking as more news about the Venom movie is revealed.

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