Barnes and Noble Pulls DC Graphic Novels

In what can only be described as retaliation, Barnes and Noble has announced they will be pulling DC graphic novels from their shelves. DC recently announced they will be releasing several graphic novels, to include the Watchmen, exclusively on the new Kindle Fire tablet.

I hope DC received a large payout, because there most certainly will be backlash. You want to force readers to purchase one specific device to read your comics? No thanks, I’ll pass. The consumer is definitely the loser here, so I for one will vote with my wallet – bye-bye DC graphic novels. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts. I won’t be surprised if there is a move to lock in more exclusives on each device now that Amazon and DC have launched the opening salvo in this new front in the tablet wars. I think I’ll be staying out of the crossfire.

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  14. 79, Zephid: You Must have me confused with someone else because my comment (#61) didn’t mention anything about whether I approved or disapproved of the eventual signing of Barnes. All I did was state the Length & Value of the Contract, according 2 the report.

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