The Comic Book Money Printing Machine – Legally Cheating CGC

The condition of a comic book is one of the key elements of the value and ultimately the final selling price. Before CGC, grading was the source of many arguments in the comic book community. Agree with CGC or not, they have provided an impartial third party to arbitrate this touchy subject and provide a known standard.

But with CGC we have a new set of issues.

Every slight difference in grade can mean tens, hundreds or even thousands of dollars difference in final selling price.

Don’t believe it? Look at this example.

X-men #94 in CGC 9.8 sold for a high of $12,548 in 2011. A CGC 9.6? A high of $4,250 (not to mention several copies selling in the $2,000 range). Have a CGC 9.4 copy? Shave another thousand or so off the price.

Do you see the importance of every small grade difference?

If you can increase the grade of your comic just slightly it could mean huge gains in value.

Fortunately there is just such a way you can legally “cheat” CGC and potentially come away with these increases. The “cheat” I’m talking about is pressing.

Pressing is a method of eliminating the minor flaws in a comic that can mean the difference between a CGC 9.2, 9.4 or 9.8. Flaws such as dents, folds (non color breaking) and bends. Although a controversial topic, CGC has said it is not restoration so you avoid the dreaded “purple label of death” denoting a restored comic.

There is one place I recommend to learn more about the process, how it’s done, whether your comics are a good candidate and much more. I’m not paid a dime for this advice but I want you to know about it and take advantage of the service if it means getting more cash for your comics.

The source is Matt Nelson at Classics Incorporated. He gives you all the information you can possibly need about pressing at the page Comic Book Pressing Services.

Use and profit from this information!

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