Standard Catalog of Comic Books Digital Edition (DVD ROM)

Just a few short years ago one of the best comic book reference works, the Standard Catalog of Comic Books, was a large and heavy enough to keep cruise ships anchored in deep water. Oh, what miracles technology has brought! Now, the entire Standard Catalog of Comic Books in all it’s glory can be virtually weightless, and still pack in all the information. Enter the DVD ROM!

The Standard Catalog is all here and is a wonderful resource for the serious comic book collector. Digital makes it all so much simpler (and lighter, did I mention that?).

From the product sheet:

Now in a handy and searchable electronic format, this massive guide is packaged on a single DVD-ROM for use with your PC or MAC, perfect for searching listings and prices for more than 180,000 comics. Just like the CBG Comic Book Checklist and Price Guide, this DVD of the Standard Catalog has individual listings for each issue within a series, in an easy-to-use checklist format.

In addition, this all-encompassing comic book research resource includes:

Hundreds of series reviews – illustrated introductions that not only inform, but help you identify your comics easily and efficiently
Number of comics graded by CGC – find both the top grade and number of comics graded for more than 100,000 issues
Comics from all eras – From the Golden Age to the present
This DVD allows you to conduct simple key-word searches of all listings, enlarge pages up to 400% for close-up review of covers and details, and print specific sections for use at shows, shops, and anywhere your collecting takes you!

Get your copy below!

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