Free Comic Book Value and Price Guide Finder


The video and resources below will help you find the best way to get current prices and values of your comic books, whether you own only a couple or thousands! Take a look at the video and use the resources below the video.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide
The Overstreet Guide is a must have if you have a lot of comics, are already a collector or plan on having a lot of comics. The digital download will give you instant value and pricing access to virtually ever comic ever published.

Click Here for the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Instant Digital Download

Click Here for the Latest Print Version of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide


If you want a quick check of a handful of comics up to a few dozen, as mentioned in the video, use the resources below:

E-Bay Comic Book Prices
Click here to search E-bay.
Make sure to check completed auctions as well as the bids on current auctions.

Retail Price Check
Enter your search term in the search box below. Examples would be “spider-man 1”, “spider-man 1 value”,”x-men 1 prices”, or “x-men 1 for sale”. The results will show retail prices for the comic books, remember if you are selling your comics to dealer you could get far less than that price. If you want to sell your comic books make sure you check out our selling your comic books post.


Some Tips and Tricks
The reality of valuing your comic books is there is some time and labor involved. Sorry, it’s just the way it is. The resources on this page will help you, but you still need to do some work.

One of the most important things you can do is make a list! This will make searching for the values much easier, and when and if you decide to sell you will be prepared.

Once you have your list and a ballpark idea of the value of your comic books, you can zero in on the value by accurately grading your comics. The condition can mean literally thousands of dollars difference in the final price. Visit my Comic Book Grading Basics page to get started.

Are you thinking of selling your comic books?
At this point you have a decision to make, do you want to sell your comic books or do you want to be a collector?

If you want to sell your comic books…
If you want to sell your comic books there are two resources I recommend you check out.

The first was written by me and is called “Quick Comic Book Cash” page. In this guide you will discover three ways to get cash for your comic books in less than 24 hours! More than that, there are also tips and techniques to maximize the price you receive whether you are in a rush or are willing to take your time. Click here visit the Quick Cash for Your Comic Books page.

The second selling resource I can recommend is Comic Book Selling Secrets by Alan LaMont. I started buying his guides since he was selling them in print over 15 years ago! He has updated the information for the Internet age and he presents wonderful, detailed information.

Are you or do you want to be a comic book collector?
Besides the information I put on this blog I have a special subscriber only section with videos, a newsletter and some great resources, for absolutely free. The biggest benefit is subscribers discover how to get great comic books, old and new, for big discounts. They also get my investment surveys and comments and a lot more. Click here to check it out.

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