Coverless Comic Book Values

A Comic Book Secrets subscriber recently asked “do coverless comic books have any value?”

It depends on how old they are and what specific issues they are, but yes, sometimes coverless comics can be worth something. The best chance for a decent value is if they are from the Golden Age ( roughly 1930’s-1950). Outside of that they would probably have to be a key issue.


Many collectors try to reassemble a comic, especially key issues, and “make” a higher grade copy. For example, they may have a cover of Superman #1 but someone in the past removed several interior pages. The collector would be looking for a complete interior to marry with his cover, making a far more valuable comic. Because old comics and keys are typically the most valuable, they are usually the best candidates because they have good chance at commanding high prices.

To give you some examples, take a look at the following coverless comics for sale here.

If you don’t have key comics, sometimes readers will pick up a whole box of coverless comics for their own enjoyment. They usually don’t sell for much, but they are willing to take them off your hands.

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