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I stumbled upon this video containing a great discussion about comic book values. The discussion is a couple years old but the points are still valid. It’s a great primer for what is important for a comic book value, what comic books are NOT valuable (even though their owners think they are), as well as several other important topics. ┬áJason brings in a CGC representative to offer some opinions, something you don’t get access to every day.

One of the best parts is the discussion about modern comics and how quickly they lose their value. If you are selling your comics or even an advanced collector/investor I highly recommend watching this discussion.


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  1. Dave Gieber says:


    I finally got around to watching this video. Great stuff, even if it is a couple years old. Personally I find a lot of excitment in the buying and selling of old comic books. It is a facinating part of the comic book industry.

    Of course collecting comics for the shear enjoyment is the most basic part of the genre. But comic books are a business, just like anything else that drives our economy and the comic creators and shops still make money. Why can’t we as comic book people also.

    I know on my site and I am sure on yours as well, by far, the most amount of comments I get from my visitors and subscribers, are how much is my comic book worth and where can I sell it. So even amongst the fan boys and girls there is a strong interest in the buying and selling of comic books. And of course, there will always be the special comic books that the fan boys/girls will alway keep.

    But as far as I am concerned, investing in comics as well as collecting your own favorites, will continue to keep the genre interesting and lively. Good video!!!


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