Comic Book Value Mistakes – Under Values

In my Comic Book Value and Selling Secrets guide I talk about what is thought to be the most common value mistake, overvaluing. Even though this is a common mistake, especially with novices, you still need to be careful not to undervalue your comics. A recent E-bay auction serves as a perfect example.

Dynamic Comics #8 is an esoteric comic released in the 1940’s by Harry ‘A’ Chesler publishing. Most collectors are unfamiliar with it since it’s seen so rarely, but it is considered a classic cover. The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide states values from $258 in VG 4.0 to $387 in Fine 5.0. Last week a CGC 5.0 copy sold for $2,247.00 on E-bay, garnering 36 bids.

Rare, classic comics like this reveal a limitation of a print price guide. This comic is sold so rarely that accurate pricing is difficult to come by. It will be interesting to watch how or if the Overstreet Guide reacts to this sale next year.

If you have some of these rare comics, E-bay or other auction houses could be the place to sell. The various options for selling along with the pros and cons of each method are covered in the Comic Value and Selling book.

Dynamic Comics #8 Sold for $2,247 even though the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide stated value is much less

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