Comic Book Sales Update Week of January 23, 2011

Here are prices realized on actual comic book sales for the week of January 23, 2011:

Amazing Spider-man #300 CGC 9.8 $650
X-men #1 Grade 6.0 (raw) $1,325
Giant Size X-men #1 CGC 9.2 $925
Green Lantern #76 VF+ Raw $559.01
Superman #4 CGC 4.0 $1400
Fantastic Four #4 CGC 5.0 $765
Fantastic Four #5 CGC 4.0 $828 (Overstreet Price Guide lists at $962)
Catman #16 CGC 3.0 $561 (Guide approx. $170)
Captain America Comics #53 CGC 7.5 $909 (Guide 8.0=$1075, 6.0=$504)
Weird Mysteries #4 (Skull Cover) PGX 5.5 $1295 (Overstreet Guide 6.0=$387)

The sales that caught my eye were the Catman #16 and Weird Mysteries #4. The Weird Mysteries #4 shows a severe disparity from guide and also that the right PGX graded comics can hold their own in the marketplace.

FF #5 is consistent with what I’ve been seeing. Key comics sell near or at guide in CGC (unless they are high grade), non-key books, even if they are professionally graded are getting hammered in the marketplace. If you are strictly a collector and are buying non-keys in mid to low grade you shouldn’t be paying anywhere near guide. Don’t fall for the dealer pricing trap, most of the common issues of a run are plentiful and can be purchased for very low multiples of guide.

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