Comic Book Prices in a Down Market – Tales and Sales from the Frontlines

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ve seen the devastation stocks have endured over the last couple of weeks. My 401k and IRA’s are weeping!

But how are comic book prices holding up in these hard times?

Let’s look at two key issues for some clues.

First we have an issue of Amazing Spider-man #1 CGC 7.0 condition. Check out the book. It passed on September 24th at the $8,300 mark.

A copy did sell earlier in the month for $8,990, so maybe they were holding on for the big bucks. Not too shabby.

Think about it, this book would have sold for $8,300 but the seller was holding out for more.

The second book is Avengers #1 in CGC 7.0 condition.

First off, this book is moving along quite nicely due to the Avengers movie news. If you haven’t been following how comic book movies have been affecting the prices of many books, you need to get right over to the comics-movies-cash page and look at the course. There is a free “how to” course now with videos and more, so you really have no excuse not to check it out.

Let’s get back to this book. It has been a $2,000-ish book for the last couple of years. This copy of Avengers #1 sold for a whopping $4,125.87 on September 28th, up from $2,625 in June. Wow.

If you ever watch “Cramer” on CNBC he always says there is a bull market somewhere. Is it in hard collectibles like comics? We’ll see, so stay tuned…

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