5 Comic Books to Watch in 2013

2013 is here and along with all the other lists you’ll see online, here’s my comic book watch list for 2013, in no particular order:

Star Wars #1 – Disney purchased the rights to future Star Wars films from George Lucas and now they have recovered the comic book rights.  The media powerhouse keeps growing and growing.  Combine the already announced movies with the Marvel publishing arm and I sense renewed interest in these comics.  I’ll be keeping my eye on Star Wars #1, and for you investors out there keep a look out for the 35 cent variant.

Walking Dead #1 – The AMC television series returns in February to complete season 3 and fan support is unwavering.  Huge fan base + low print run = record setting prices.  Like all moderns I see this comic eventually falling in price, but the ride will be fun to watch.  CGC 9.9 copies are the real issues to follow.

Iron Man #55 – The end of the Avengers movie catapulted this book into the stratosphere and it is already showing some signs of a peak.  Is this a momentary lull?  Keep watching as the next Avengers movie gets closer.

Superman #1 – The Man of Steel is getting a much needed reboot, and if the trailers are indicative of the quality of the movie Superman may once again rise to the top of the comic book heap.  Action #1 is a million dollar+ book, but Superman #1 is difficult to find and there may be a few more monied buyers out there looking for a copy.  Keep an eye on this story.

Wolverine Limited Series #1 (1982) – A little bit of a sleeper here, but I can’t help but watch this one.  The movie is slated for summer 2013, but so far no trailers, nothing.  Will fans get the movie they wanted in the first movie?  If so and box office numbers are good maybe we’ll see some movement.

Have fun with these picks and we’ll do a review at the end of the year.

Happy New Year!


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