CGC Hosting Joe Quesada and Dave Gibbons Signing

CGC sent the following update for collectors who want to send in comic books for a signature series authentication:

CGC will be witnessing Joe Quesada’s and Dave Gibbons’ signatures at special, exclusive signings! Submit your books by July 15, 2011, and we’ll have them signed by these comic book artists and industry giants, then graded and authenticated under the CGC Signature Series tier. And the best part is, proceeds benefit the Hero Initiative! Don’t miss this opportunity! Contact us for full details!

This is your only opportunity to obtain CGC-witnessed signings with Quesada and Gibbons.

Contact CGC Customer Service at 877-NM-COMIC (662-6642) for more information. Or submit your information here, and we’ll contact you with details.

Signed comic books have varied sales results, but a lot of collectors enjoy having them in their collection. If you are a fan of Joe or Dave, this is a great opportunity to get verified signatures from CGC.

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