New Recommended E-bay Bidding/Sniping Program

If you are buying comic book on E-bay you really need to have a bidding or sniping program. In the past I recommended a couple of sites on Comic Book Secrets but after talking with one of the folks over at bidnapper and trying the service I am going to recommend their program exclusively. To give full disclosure if you click on a link to their program from this site I am compensated, similarly to the other two programs (out of many similar services) I recommended in the past.

Why did I switch? First, I think the Bidnapper program is more complete and has an easier to use interface. Second, I want to make a streamlined a recommendation as possible and if I were to choose only one service to recommend, it would be Bidnapper. You can get a free trial here: ebay sniper

Why Bidnapper?

If you are serious about winning comics on E-bay for the best possible price a sniping/bidding program is a must, preferably one that bids for you from an outside server, not your computer. Bidnapper fits the bill. I really like the way the program interfaces with your e-bay watch list, making bulk additions to your bids a snap. The use interface is very intuitive and you can see all of your auctions in one place in a very easy to read format.

Some other benefits I like:
– It works with other auction sites other than E-bay. Many of these sites have good deals on key comic books from time to time.
– You have the option of paying for the unlimited bids for a set period or paying for a set number of winning bids only. This is really nice if you aren’t a heavy buyer on E-bay, but still want to increase your winning percentage when you bid without wasting money
– Free trial period
– Browser tool for easier addition of auctions

I’ll be updating the Comic for Pennies video in the Member Only Section over the next few days. This updated video will include the use of Bidnapper as it’s example program. In the meantime, if you want to try a free trial, click here: ebay sniper

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