Great Comic Books for Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a great time to give that special comic book to someone you know. The news has been all gloom and doom in the economy, but there are a lot of deals out there if you know how and where to look. One of the best places to find these comic book gift deals is on E-bay. Using the right buying strategies, who knows, you may make a comic book collector very happy – at a discounted price!

You’ll find the Comic Book Secrets picks for this Christmas below. Don’t forget to use the Comics for Pennies strategies!

Avengers #1 – The Marvel Movie world is being turned upside down and this is the book that started it all. Go for the lower grades to score a good deal if you’re on a budget, but take a look at the higher grade if you can!

Avengers #4 – Can anyone say Captain America: The First Avenger Movie? The frozen in ice Silver Age Origin of Cap has been telegraphed and this is the book that tells the story. Almost certain to be a movie tie-in.

Ultimate Discount Avengers – Don’t want to spend the money on the actual books but want to share in all the stories and excitement leading up to the movie? If so, the Essential Avengers Vol. 1 is the book for you. It collects Avengers first 24 issues.

Incredible Hulk #181 – Wolverine will be released next year and this is the book that started it all, albeit quietly. Who would have thought this cameo appearance would become one of the most popular and sought after in all comicdom.

Wolverine mini-series and regular series #1 – These books could see some action with the movie, and if not, they are great additions to any Wolverine collection.

Ultimate Discount Wolverine – Again, you can gather the key stories by picking up a Marvel Masterpiece or two. Guaranteed to give hours of reading! Look for Essential Wolverine Vol. 1.

Thor Books – Thor is another Marvel character getting his own movie. If you want the real deal, look for Journey into Mystery #83, but be ready to pay some serious money. If you are looking for the stories for great discount, pick up Essential Thor Vol. 1.

The Spirit – A blast from the Golden Age past is here in this upcoming movie. Forget trying to collect the numerous old comics and storylines, grab a copy of Will Eisner’s The Spirit Volume 1 or The Best of the Spirit for some fun reading.

Take a look at the widget below for all of these books at a discount. If you really want to discover how to save some money, check out the Comics for Pennies videos.

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