Gerber Photo Guides to Comic Books

I usually don’t link to specific items on E-bay, but I am making an exception today. I was getting some more sales data for the next newsletter and I stumbled upon two books I think you will enjoy. I also have these volumes in my collection. If you are interested in Golden Age or Marvel Comics these are two fantastic resources you should consider.

They are the Gerber Photo Guides to Comic Books. I received the first set way back in 1991 as a gift from my wife. It was the Gerber Photo Guides to Golden Age Comics. Later I picked up the Photo Guides to Marvel Comics.

Quite simply these books are beautiful and an amazing collection of comics that most people would never see in their lifetime. The Golden Age set contains two volumes and includes pictures of almost all comic books from that era (around 21,000 photos!). We’re talking all the “biggies” plus many other esoteric issues and titles. Many of the books photographed were from the Mile High Collection and other pedigrees. They are stunning. The Golden Age Guides are considered by many as the catalyst to an explosion in prices for many old comic books, including Suspense Comics #3.

Suspense Comics 3

The Marvel Guides contain every Marvel Comic Book from 1961 to 1990. Again, amazing pictures of beautiful comic books.

The Golden Age sold for around $200 when it was released and the Marvel set was at least $100. You may be able to score these sets at a significant discount through the links to auctions in this post.

I have to warn you, this collection can be a real time vampire and may be detrimental to your wallet. The stunning colors and art of these covers can suck you in for hours and may uncover several issues you must have. I know I added several books I would have never even known existed to my “want list” after receiving the set.

I highly recommend both of these volumes, they will be a cherished part of your comic book collecting library.

Good Luck!

Gerber Photo Guides to Golden Age Comics

Photo Guides to Marvel Comics

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