Modern Comic Book Values – The Latest Hot Comics

So how are modern comic books doing in the resale market?

Today let’s take a look at Wizard’s “Hot 10 Comics”

The titles we’ll be looking for (with Wizard prices in parentheses are):

– Secret Invasion 1 ($5)
– Batman 676 ($5)
– Wolverine Vol. 2 #66 Turner Variant ($45)
– The Dresden Files: Welcome to the Jungle 1 ($20)
– Invincible Iron Man 1 ($4)
– Skaar: Son of Hulk 1 Bell Variant ($20)
– Supernatural: Rising Son Nguyen Variant 1 ($12)
– Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four 1 McKone Variant ($15)
– Mighty Avengers 12 ($4)
– Ultimate Origins 1 Turner Variant ($25)

As you follow these values you may want to review the post about dealing with moderns found here: Modern Comic Book Values

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