May Newsletter Online – Comic Book “Magnet” Searches Intro

Most of us started searching for comic books the old fashioned way – basic and advanced searches on E-bay, Google, links on favorite sites, recommendations, etc. The problem with that method is it takes a lot of time and turns up a lot of junk to get to a few gems.

There has to be a better way!

The tool I use is something I developed myself, or rather, I tailored it to my preferences. The best way I can describe it is comic book search “magnets” because instead of taking time and effort to hunt down the comics you want they will come to you instantly.

The main tool I introduce in the May newsletter is the search “magnets” and I also include a video about how to use them, and show them in action.

This issue also includes the Iron Man winners, the latest tools, and this month’s actual sales spreadsheet for you to download.

If you want to get the goodies, sign up for a free membership here.

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