E-bay – Dumb Suits Gone Wild!

I was online earlier today doing some work on our investments and stumbled upon the latest news from E-bay. The stock was down, they announced layoffs (and some purchases), and they warned about upcoming profits. I’m keenly aware of the down market and economic problems we face, as well as the differences from previous slow-downs.

With that said, usually bargain stores flourish in these times.

But what’s with E-bay?

Isn’t E-bay an online flea market with affordable goods?

Well, many may think so, but because of a series of decisions they’ve made over the past few years, the little guy (or gal) continues to be squeezed out.

It reminded me of an e-mail I received from Terry Gibbs, an online business acquaintance of mine, and one of his recent newsletters – “The Death of E-bay.”

It seems along with many of the other changes E-bay has made, they want to ban payment by check or money order.

Talk about shutting out “mom” and “pop.”

Well, E-bay is finally paying the price for wanting to be more mainstream or legit. They are becoming like any other major online or offline store. Less bargains to be found and destined to suffer with the rest instead of thriving in these poor economic times.

Good luck E-bay, you’re going to need it.

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