Classics Incorporated Provides New Services and Website

In a previous post I mentioned the great work Matt Nelson does over at Classics Incorporated. I just received this release from him:


Classics Incorporated is proud to announce the launch of our new interactive website this week! The system allows you to create your own work orders when submitting books, with e-mailed updates sent to you throughout the process. We’re introducing new services as well, like the exPress, which offers a two-week turn time on pressings, and the option to waive our Proscreen. All of your past invoices and work orders are archived on-line for reference any time you need them.

For our pressing service, one beneficial change is the rollback of the Modern tier cutoff from 1980 to 1975. This means five extra years of books that cost you only $12-15 per book to press. We’ve also rolled back our old Bronze Age tier by five years, from 1970 to 1965. This tier, now simply called “65-74,” saves you $10 per book on those late ’60s issues.

Another change of note is the Proscreen service, which is now optional. A fee of $3 will be applied to all books Proscreened from now on, unless you waive that option. Waiving the proscreen is for our more experienced clients who are now comfortable with their own screening ability. Not only does it save them money, but it cuts down on the turn time because their books begin pressing immediately.

For submitters of Modern tier books, this option provides the best deal. By waiving the Proscreen, your cost falls to only $12 per book (as opposed to the usual $15), which is the lowest we’ve ever offered for a pressing. Finally, we’re also offering free Proscreens for all comic books valued over $4,000. All prices will go into effect Friday, August 15th, 2008.

You can read the rest of the release, pricing schedule and see the new site at Also make sure to check out his crash course in restored comics.

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