Cash from Your Comic Books

Several months ago I made a post about making money online with your comics. There are several ways to do this but one of the easiest is to create a blog and monetize it. Your blog can sell comic books, affiliate products, broker ads, sell your own collectible products, or just be a pure fan site and give great information.

The Comic Book Secrets blog uses WordPress for the content management system. After trying a few different blogging solutions I have found WordPress to be the best. Once people decide to run a website the next question I get is “how do I set it up?”,”how do I make money with it?” and “how do I get traffic?” I could take the time and put out my own product to explain all of this, but to me it would be a waste of time since someone else has already done it. I am an affiliate for WordPress Wizard 2.0 and I recommend the product because it answers all of the above questions and so much more!

What exactly is it? It’s the ultimate wordpress and blogging coaching program in which you’ll find a series of more than 50 videos showing you everything you need to start a blog, get traffic and earn from it.

I have good news – WordPress Wizard is running a $30 off promotion right now for a limited time!

If you want to start you own website, get traffic and monetize it, click here to find out more about WordPress Wizard. Remember the special only last three days.

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