The Bethlehem Collection – Comic Book Pedigrees

The Bethlehem Pedigree comic book collection originated in Bethlehem, PA and included approximately 18,000 comics! The Bethlehem collection starts in the 1950s and continues through the Silver Age. There are several issues with multiple copies, and the E.J. Kery Kodak-Film-Magazine-Shop stamp on several of the back covers identify many of the books.

Due to the shear size of the collection you stand a decent chance of adding one of these highly collectible pedigree comic books to your very own collection.

Take a look at some Bethlehem Pedigree comics below.

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  1. […] This is not to suggest that Overstreet values set a price floor.  According to a 2010 Overstreet article written by Mark C. Zaid of Esquire Comics, for instance, “Western comics from the 1950s are on a total downward slide.  Even high-grade gorgeous photo covers, such as those published by Fawcett, can be found from 50%-70% of Guide at times.”An individual comic book’s history/pedigree can also dramatically impact value.  There have been, over the years, some significant finds of collections and the specific comic books that can be authenticated as having been part of those collections often sell for multiples of the Overstreet value.  Examples of such collections include the Edgar Church/Mile High Collection and the Bethlehem Collection. […]

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