Mile High Pedigree Comic Books – Edgar Church Collection Information

The Mile High Pedigree Comic Book Collection is probably the most famous and sought after collection in existence. These books have some of the highest grades, retain the greatest value, and bring record setting prices when offered for sale. Today we’ll look into the origins of this pedigree collection and where you can find them.

About the Mile High Pedigree Comic Book Collection

The Edgar Church or “Mile High” pedigree collection was assembled from the late 1930’s to the 1950’s. Mr. Church gathered almost every comic book published and stored them in his basement in large stacks. The location and method of storage was ideal. The cool, dry, Colorado air combined with the pressure in the stacks helped preserve the comic books in their original newsstand condition. Since the books were stacked in the order they were purchased many of the oldest books were the best preserved due to the weight of the stack!

The collection was purchased by Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics in Denver in 1977, hence the name. The books were purchased in bulk for one agreed upon price. Chuck slowly released them onto the market, afraid that such a large collection would have a negative affect on the price of these old comic books.

The Mile High/Edgar Church collection contains many of the highest graded comic books in existence. The sheer size, content and condition of the collection makes it the benchmark by which all other pedigrees are compared. When they are offered for sale they typically command 2x guide prices and up. Unfortunately, when the books are offered for sale they tend to vanish into private collections for years at a time.

I’ve included some Mile High / Edgar Church books for sale below. Take a look at these beautiful books and try using the Comics for Pennies Discount Buying System on them. Who knows, maybe you’ll score a one-of-a-kind pedigree for a discount!

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