X-men Movie Past, Present and Future – Your Questions Answered

Here’s a great video by Simon Kinberg, X-men writer and producer, answering fan questions about the X-men, Days of Future Past, where the movies have been and where they are headed.  A must see!


Arrow Season 2 Fans Blocked – WB and Netflix Delay Streaming

If you were looking forward to watching Arrow Season 2 on Netflix this past week, you’ve no doubt found your search ended in frustration.  In order order to sell more DVD’s or Blu-Rays, WB has pushed back streaming on Netflix until October 8 – the day Season 3 premieres.  Ugh!  Looks like I will be running the DVR and preparing for a semi-binge of Season 3 while I catch up on Season 2 a little later then I planned.  Nice move WB.

Some Sales from Heritage Sunday Night Comic Auction

Here are a few highlights from the September 14 Heritage Sunday Night Comic Book Auction (included buyer premium):

Batman: Mad Love CGC 9.4 – $155.35

The Defenders #1 VF (Raw) – $102.77

Incredible Hulk Annual #1 CGC 9.0 – $150.57

Marvel Super-Heroes #13 CGC 7.0 – $215.10

Shock Suspenstories #6 CGC 6.5 – $406.30

X-Factor Run 1-149 Complete, Average Grade NM- $274.85