Jack Kirby Art – Advanced Comic Book Collecting and Investing

Jack Kirby is one of the most famous and iconic artists in the world of comic books, with art starting in the 1940′s and spanning decades.

For collectors he remains one of the most desired and collected artists.

Because of his popularity his art continues to bring top prices for investment purposes.

His work with Joe Simon in the 1940′s broke new ground in the art, and because of this team we have such cornerstones as Captain America, the Red Skull and more. In the carousel below you’ll see some often overlooked horror and science fiction by this duo.

Jack Kirby also worked at DC starting his own universe, and although it never achieved the popularity of his work at Marvel, it still remains popular for Jack Kirby collectors.


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Jack Kirby Documentary Video


Jack Kirby is one of the most important and famous artists in the history of comic books.  Along with Stan Lee he is responsible for most of the Marvel Comics foundation that still thrives today.

His original art is highly coveted today, and in the video below you can learn more about this comic book icon.


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Once Upon a Time Superheroes Comic Book History Documentary Video


I came across this documentary on YouTube from 2002 about the creation and evolution of comic book superheroes.

It focuses on Batman, Superman, The Flash, The X-Men, Captain America, Silver Surfer, The Fantastic Four, Hulk, Daredevil plus a lot of Spider-man.

Also featured are creators, writers & artists such as  Alex Ross, Dave Gibbons, Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, Travis Charest, John Romita, Joe Kubert, Jim Lee, Carmine Infantino, Joe Simon, Mark Evanier, Paul Dini, Neal Adams, Joe Quesada, John Buscema, Bill Sienkiewicz and radio interview with Jerry Siegel.

Enjoy the video.  There are 10 total parts, the next episode should come up in the recommended videos after part 1 plays.