GP Analysis offers Mobile Comic Book Value and Price Guide Service

GPAnalysis is one of my “highly recommended” services for getting up to date comic book value and price data. If you’re not familiar with them you can check out their site at

The company gathers actual sales data of CGC graded comic books from E-bay, auction houses and trusted sellers. You can then search through their records (going back to 2002) for any comic. You’ll see sales prices highs, lows, trends, and more. It’s an amazing product and is very reasonable priced. If you are a serious collector I say it is a must have. If you are just looking to do a one time sell of a lot of comic books I still recommend it – you can cancel the service at anytime. I’m a fan because you’re not getting opinions about comic prices, you’re getting actual sales data.

The best part about GPAnalysis is they just announced a mobile service! You can access this product from an iphone or any other mobile capable browser. Talk about a great tool! You’ll no longer have to wonder about CGC pricing data at conventions and stores, you can instantly access it from your smartphone!

If you are interested in the service visit their website at

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Barak Obama Comic Book – Amazing Spider-man 583 Variant

Barak Obama has hit the comic book scene in a big way with his appearance on the cover of Amazing Spider-man #583. The catch is this is a variant cover and available through comic book dealers only. There will be a special Barak Obama story inside the comic.

The comic features Spider-Man’s alter-ego Peter Parker taking photographs at the inauguration then spotting two identical “Obamas.”

Parker decides “the future president’s gonna need Spider-Man,” and springs into action, using basketball to determine the real Obama and punching out the impostor.

Obama gives him a fist-bump.

The comic book is selling like hotcakes and it’ll be interesting to see where the prices eventually peak.

If you want to buy this special issue you can purchase a copy below, or just track the prices.

P.S. Don’t forget to use the Comics for Pennies Discount Buying Strategy on these!

barak obama spiderman comic book

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White Mountain Comic Books – Pedigree Status Moves to the Silver Age

The White Mountain Pedigree comic book collection consists of 1950′s through the Silver Age books. It was one of the first “silver age” pedigree collections and was stored in a dry, cool environment. It is characterized by very white pages.

The White Mountain run of X-men is being offered for sale in the February 26-27 Heritage auction.

You can also find some of these brilliant comics for sale on E-bay.