Top Superman Comic Books

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane! It’s the Superhero who started it all!

Today we’ll take a look at who is arguably the most famous superhero of all, Superman. We’ll look at the top Superman comic books for collectors and investors, and let you know where to go to find this comics and if you are lucky get a big discount. An interesting fact is many of the most important Superman issues aren’t even in his self-titled comic, but in the Action Comics series.

The Top Superman Comic Books for Collectors/Investors:

Action Comics 1 – This is the book that started it all. Siegel and Shuster introduce the world to Superman. This book is considered the “grail” comic amongst many collectors and the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide says it should go for around $750,000 in NM- condition!

Action Comics 6 – Where would Superman be without Jimmy Olsen? His first appearance will set you back around $28,000 in NM- condition.

Action Comics 23 – No superhero is really a superhero without a super-villain. We are all familiar with Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor and he makes his first appearance in this issue – with red hair!

Action Comics 29 – Superman and Lois Lane, one if the most famous love affairs in American pop culture. Here is her first appearance.

Superman 1 – The first self titled issue. Start saving now, a NM- copy could set you back over $440,000!

Superman 61 – Things wouldn’t quite be the same without Kryptonite, and this issue introduces Superman’s famed weakness, Green Kryptonite!

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In the meantime, check out this key Superman issues for sale:

How is the Comic Book Market Doing?

So how are comic book sales and values holding up in this economy? If you listen to Chuck Rozanski of Mile High Comics it is a mixed bag. In the latest Comics Buyer’s Guide he tells a tale of lower sales (off 20% at the Orlando Megacon by informal survey), yet many collectors are hoarding their books, making it difficult to find new stock.

Eventually something has to give in – either prices or selling by the hoarders.

I have my own thoughts on the matter (to be discussed in an upcoming article), but if you want to read Chuck’s opinions, you can read them at Tales from the Database.

Top Marvel Comic Books

Marvel Comic Books continue to be some of the most collected and valued comics. But what high quality keys should the collector or investor keep their eye on? And once you narrow your search can you find them at a discount?

If you are looking for such key titles as Fantastic Four #1, X-men #1, Amazing Spider-man #1 and others, make sure you check out our Top Marvel Comic Books Discount Guide.

Our List of Top Marvel Comic Books:
Amazing Fantasy 15
Fantastic Four 1
Amazing Spider-man 1
Incredible Hulk 1
X-men 1
– Journey into Mystery 83 (First Thor)
– Tales of Suspense 39 (First Iron Man)
– Avengers 1

Best of luck and Happy Collecting!