Marvel Firsts: WWII Super Heroes

If you’re a fan of World War II comics like myself, Marvel is releasing a trade paperback in February 2013 you may want to see.  It’s called Marvel Firsts: WWII Super Heroes and reprints several great stories that would cost you literally thousands of dollars to purchase on the back issue market.

The trade paperback includes material from Marvel Comics 1; Daring Mystery Comics 1-3, 5, 7; Marvel Mystery Comics 4, 13, 28, 49; Mystic Comics (1940) 1-2, 4-7; Red Raven Comics 1; Captain America Comics 1, 6, 13; Human Torch Comics 4; Young Allies Comics 1, USA Comics 1-2.

The characters include the Sub-Mariner, Captain America, Ferret, Dynamic Man, Marvex, Black Marvel, Blazing Skull, Patriot, Young Allies, Whizzer, Rockman, Jack Frost, Destroyer, Witness, Miss America and more.

You can pre-order a copy on Amazon and save a significant amount off the cover price now.



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