Golden Age Comic Books – Hot Sales 5/18 – 5/25 2008

We are entering the summer comic book season and I want to start it off with the first of many weekly features highlighting hot comic book sales. Let’s look at some Golden Age comic books that sold on E-bay between May 18th and May 25th.

Action Comics #20, Restored, FN/VF – $1402

Batman #66 CGC 9.0 $1425 (a Joker cover and appearance – movie tie-in?)

Looney Tunes #1, CGC 3.0 $1355 (1st Bugs Bunny in a comic book)

Detective #29 G/VG, Tan Pages – $15,433.89 (pretty amazing for a very worn comic book with tan pages – remember, even books that look like trash can be treasure!)

All-Flash Quarterly #1 CGC 3.0 – $1,025Action #22, CGC 5.0 – $1,525

These are just a few highlighted sales.

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