Decide what type of comic book fan you are Part 2

If you’re a reader or speculator your goal is to purchase your new comic books for the lowest possible price.  For the speculator this is even more important because a few dimes can make or break you over a purchase of a hundred or so books.  The discount is nice for the reader, but a few cents isn’t going to make or break them.  Follow the advice in the Retail is For Suckers post to get maximum discounts on new comic books.

Comic Book Secrets is dedicated to the combination Collector/Investor.  If you’re like most of us there are a few things you can heed to make the most of the hobby.  Ideally you’ll reach the point I call the Perpetual Collection where you are no longer spending out of pocket money on comics and your collection is actually self-sustaining.

For the Collector/Investor it’s all about the buying(accumulating) and selling cycle.  I use the word accumulation because there isn’t always and exchange of money when you get your books.  There are strategies you can use to accumulate books that don’t use cash.  You need to concentrate on the following items for each piece of the cycle:

Buying/Accumulating Comic Books

  • News that will affect the current purchase price of a book you are interested in and the future sales price
  • Where to find new and back issues for the lowest price (or best discount)
  • How to purchase or obtain comic books for the lowest price (negotiating and other strategies)
  • What books have the greatest chance of holding their value or increasing in price
  • How to accurately grade and value comic books

Selling Comic Books

  • When to sell comic books you are ready to rotate out of your collection
  • News about upcoming events that will give you a clue to time your selling
  • Where to sell your comic books
  • How to sell your comic books at various outlets and get the best possible price

The entire point of the Comic Book Secrets blog and membership site is to provide information to help with both the buying/accumulation and selling parts of the cycle.

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