Spider-man Comics Books – Must Have Issues at Discount Prices

Spider-man is one of the most popular and sought after characters in all of comic-dom. The three recent movies have only served to make him even more popular. With that in mind today we’ll take a look at some of the must have Spider-man comic books and where they are currently for sale. If you want to discover how you could pick some of these keys up for deep discounts, check out my Comics for Pennies Videos.

Have fun!

Key Amazing Spider-man Issues:

Amazing Fantasy 15 – The old Marvel test – let’s see how this character does! Well, he did quite well, but his origin and first appearance is in this comic book.

Amazing Spider-man 1 – Spidey’s first self titled comic book.

Amazing Spider-man 14 – First appearance of one of Spider-man’s most dreaded villains – the Green Goblin

Amazing Spider-man 25 – First brief appearance of Mary Jane Watson

Amazing Spider-man 28 – First Molten Man, a forgettable villain, but very scarce in high grade due to the black cover.

Amazing Spider-man 50 – First appearance of Kingpin

Amazing Spider-man 121 – Death of Gwen Stacy

Amazing Spider-man 252 – Black suit appears

Amazing Spider-man 300 – First full Venom appearance

That should give you a good start. Make sure to check out the Amazing Spider-man comic books for sale here.

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