Wolverine 2 Movie Update

Shuler Donner made several updates to the Marvel movie stable this last week over at Empire Online.

The first of these is Wolverine 2, which she says

“That’s the furthest along of all the X-Men projects on the boil. It’s actually the story we wanted to use for the first Wolverine film, but [Fox head honcho] Tom Rothman preferred to set the character up with an origin story first. This movie will really focus on the relationship between Wolverine and Mariko, the daughter of a Japanese crime lord, and what happens to him in Japan. We’re very fortunate to have a story mostly outlined for us [from the comic book arc co-written by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller].”

So do you know what to do?

First of all, check out the Comic Book Movie Connection if you haven’t already. It’s pretty amazing.

Second, add the following comic books to your follow/picks list:

X-men 118 (click for current prices)
Wolverine 57 (click for current prices)

We’ll keep you updated. Next movies up: X-men: First Class and Deadpool

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