Spider-man 3 Movie vs. Comic Book Example

Do Comic Book Movies influence the selling price of comic books? Look at the stats below and draw your own conclusions. The full redux is available to members in the current issue of the newsletter.

The issue I use as an example is Amazing Spider-man 252, considered by most as the first “Black Suit” Spider-man. Spider-man 3 (The Movie) was released on May 4, 2007. If we look back from that date we see a lot of movement in the price of Amazing Spider-man 252.

Starting two years before the movie release, the book moved from the $200 range all the way to a high of $720 and recently it’s falling again. The hype machine seems to really have played this book.

The wild price swings associated with comic book movies is something to keep in mind as we move closer to 2008 with the Iron Man Movie, the next Batman, and several others on the way in the future.

Are you ready to take advantage of the hype?

Follow the prices on the auctions listed below.
[phpbay]spider-man 252, 3[/phpbay]

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