John Carter Movie Comic Book Picks

The John Carter movie is slated for a 2012 release and today we’ll look at the trailer and my picks for this movie. While technically not a “comic book movie,” neither was Transformers and the Marvel comic book sold like hotcakes for that release. I don’t want to miss the same thing happening with this movie and I’ll be watching closely. The trailer looks interesting and since it’s a Disney release this has some blockbuster potential. Take a look.

My John Carter Comic Book Picks

I’m concentrating on three comics to see how this pans out. First is DC Tarzan Vol. 1 which includes the first appearance of John Carter. It’s not an obvious pick and people will have to do some research to discover it’s significance. Next is the Marvel Comics title John Carter Warlord of Mars. It’s a great cover and in my opinion has the best potential, but I could be wrong. We’ll see. My final pick is Weird Worlds #7 purely for the awesome cover! Take a look at the John Carter comics for sale below to get a good idea of current values.

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