Green Lantern Movie Trailer and Comic Book Picks

The Green Lantern Movie is slated for a June 17, 2011 release. You’ll find the trailer and Green Lantern comic book issues to keep and eye on below.

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Green Lantern Comic Book Picks:

In my opinion the issues to keep an eye on are the origin/first appearance from the Silver Age since these are the Hal Jordan issues. They are:

Green Lantern #1 (2nd series, 1960’s) – This issue retells the origin of the Green Lantern and also contains the first appearance of the Guardians of the Universe. You can see in the trailer the Guardians play a major role in the movie. Guide price – $400 to $11,000 depending on condition

Showcase #22 – Origin and first appearance Silver Age Green Lantern. Approx. $400-13,000 depending on grade.

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  2. wAlLpApErs says:

    That’s what I’ve been looking for since they announced this sucker! Booya!

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