Comics + Movies = Cash Avengers 4 Case Study

It’s difficult to deny the positive link between comic book movies and certain individual comic values. The resulting price increases have been stunning, but you have to be careful. One impressive example has been Avenger #4.

Avengers #4 is what I would call a direct tie-in to the recent Captain America movie. As an added bonus we may see continued interest in this book due to the upcoming Avengers movie also. Avengers #4 is the first Silver Age appearance of Captain America, and most importantly he is found in a manner somewhat consistent with the movie.

Let’s look at some values.

In 2007, before there wasn’t any confirmed movie news and you could get a CGC 9.4 copy for $7,750. In 2011 the same grade will set you back $30,000! Pretty impressive, right?

Not all Avengers or Captain America comic books increased like this, not even close. You have to be careful and pick the right comics at the right time. When and if you sell you have to sell at the right time with the right method.

A couple of years ago I ran a video seminar and released an entire course about profiting from this comic book movie trend. The price for the entire package was $67.00. I had numerous requests to release a “light” version of the course to make it more financially accessible to collectors. I’m happy to say I’ve put together just such a product!

I took the two most important pieces of the Comics + Movies = Cash course and released them in a two piece product. If you are interested you can get access below. The new product feature the full video seminar plus an audio only mp3 version to listen to at your convenience. Instead of $67 I priced this new “light” version at $9.95.

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If you want to see the entire sales letter click here: Comic Book Movies Cash Seminar

You can take a look at the video promo I did for the seminar below.


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