Batman: The Dark Knight Trailer and Comic Picks

The Batman: The Dark Knight Trailer is out today and you can see it here.

It seems like a good time to look in on some of the comic book picks for the movie. Batman is difficult because most of the comics associated with the movie are so expensive. Is Detective 27 going to increase in price because of a film? Maybe, maybe not. The book has shown amazing gains on its own. The movies help keep the character alive in the marketplace, but to see such an expensive book make a pop in price is questionable.

In my research the lower priced books seem to do much better because they are more accessible to the rank and file collector and fan.

With that in mind, I’m looking at a combination of books.

Batman 1 – Still expensive, but does make its way into more hands than the grail – Detective 27. They do seem to come out of the woodwork near movie release time.

Detective 66 – First Joker, and somewhat more affordable than Batman 1. Still tough to find, as of this posting there are none for sale on E-bay. You’ll have to do a Google search.

Batman 234 – First two-face. The word is he is in the movie, so sales and interest may be increasing over the next few months. Keep an eye on it.

Below are th books currently on E-bay as well as some other fun Batman stuff. Take a look!


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