All About Thanos – The Definitive Comic Book Issues

Thanos is the Marvel’s flavor of the week after the Avengers movie and all comic book investing eyes are on Iron Man 55. But if you want to read more about this Starlin creation, you can learn much more by reading some far less expensive issues. Here’s the Thanos reading list:

– Captain Marvel #26 – 33,
– Warlock #9 – 11, 15,
– Avengers Annual #7,
– Marvel 2 in 1 Annual #2
– Thano’s Quest (1990’s)
– Silver Surfer #34 – 50 (1990’s series)
– Infinity Gauntlet #1 -6
– Marvel the End #1 – 6

Drop some of those issues in the search box below to find them for cheap on E-bay.

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With these issues you should be a Thanos expert! Also make sure to visit my Iron Man 55 Value and Investment Survey for more info.

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