How to Buy Discount Comics on E-bay

Do you want to buy comic books for deep discounts on E-bay? Here are a few tips.

Misspell the Title
If a seller misspells the title there are usually very few watchers, nobody can find the comic! This is your chance to find a deal. I doesn’t happen often, but when it does you could be a winner.

Bid at the Last Minute
This is also know as sniping. If you bid early you give other bidders a chance to outbid you or force you to bid more. If at all possible use an auction sniping program and set it an forget it.

Look for Auctions Ending at Odd Times
Is an auction ending at 4:00 in the afternoon on a weekday? Most people are at work. Is it ending in the middle of the night? Most people are asleep. Either get up and bid or better yet use a sniping program as mentioned above and take advantage of the lower competition.

The Comic Book Crash Course offered below (it’s free) has many more comic book buying tips. Check it out!

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