3 Comic Book Collector Buying Rules

One of the most important steps in getting the most bang for your buck in the comic book hobby is knowing what type of hobbyist you are. Are you an investor? Speculator? Pure collector or a bit of all three?

If you’re a pure collector here are 3 basic rules to help save money in this hobby.

Rule #1 – Know the Real Value of Comic Books
This would seem obvious, but year after year I watch collectors thumb through the latest Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide in search of the value of a comic they want to buy, only to overpay. The Guide is a great resource, but for a vast number of common and lower grade comic books it is way off base. You must make sure you know what the real sales price is in the marketplace. Use the Instant Comic Book Values and Price Guide just for this purpose.

Rule #2 – Don’t Overbuy
By “overbuy” I mean don’t purchase a high grade comic book when I lower grade will do. If you are a pure collector, why pay big $$$ for a comic book you are going to be afraid to damage? I would also shy away from mid grade comic books – comic books in the Fine grade. These comics really have no home. Readers/pure collectors don’t want them because they cost more. Investors don’t want them because they are chasing high grade issues.

One good thing about purchasing lower grade comics is they tend to hold value since there are other pure collectors out there who want to buy reading copies. They probably won’t skyrocket in price, but they probably won’t collapse either.

Rule #3 – Use Good Buying Strategies
Buying comic books involves not only finding the issue you want but using good negotiating and buying skills. I highly recommend you get the free Comic Book Crash Course I offer on this site. It includes videos of how I go about securing the lowest price possible when I purchase comics, plus ton more free information about value, buying and selling comic books.

Make sure to use these rules to get the most bang for your buck for your comic book collection.

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