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Marvel Comic Books at Deep Discount Prices

If you’re a Marvel Comic Book fan have you ever wondered how you could get the best, key issues for deep discounts? I’m talking books like Amazing Spider-man #1, Fantastic Four #1-48, X-men #1, X-men #94 and other key books. If you’re looking for non-key books and are tired of paying retail you can get […]


Incredible Hulk Blu-Ray DVD Review

I finally had a chance to sit down and watch the Blu-Ray version of The Incredible Hulk last night and I wanted to share some thoughts. First off, the transfer is amazing, both visuals and sound, and will really show off the home theater. The video is crisp and ultra-detailed without being too over the […]


Watchmen Movie – Some New Stuff

Here are a few new goodies for the Watchmen movie. No further word on the lawsuit.